Building Bridges among Knowledge Silos

Scott Harrison

I live for:

  • Initiating and performing original independent and collaborative analytical research projects that contribute to deepening historical and contemporary knowledge and informing policy.
  • Creating bridges between academic disciplines and instigating dialogue among public and private practitioners in a wide variety of sectors and milieus.
  • Coaching and leading individuals and teams up to self-reliance so they can take ownership of their studies, athletics, and careers to reach higher levels of performance.

Current Canada-Asia Pacific focus areas:

  1. Non-central government diplomacy and foreign policy
    • Provincial / Prefectural foreign policy
    • City diplomacy
    • Citizen diplomacy
    • Local government twinning / sister / friendship relationships
    • Trade missions
  2. Indigenous peoples internationalism
    • Indigenous international business
    • Indigenous transnationalism, history, diplomacy, policy, reconciliation
    • Indigenous Ainu globalism, history, rights, policy, reconciliation
  3. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan subnational / non-central government studies
    • Local weak signals with potentially disruptive implications