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Hokkaidō 150 Podcast

This interview with Tristan Grunow for the Hokkaidō 150 podcast “[R]eviews international relations between Canada, Japan, and Northeast Asia from the perspective of Indigenous issues. We discuss Ainu-related ties between Canada and Japan, the Ainu perspective of diplomatic disputes between Japan and Russia, Ainu relations with minority groups in China, and issues arising from the recent bill recognizing Ainu as Indigenous”

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Connecting Indigenous People in Canada to Opportunities in Asia

Pacific Partnerships: Connecting Indigenous People in Canada to Opportunities in Asia

In the lead up to the Nation 2 Nation Forum, held in Vancouver on March 30, 2017, BC Assembly of First Nations Acting Regional Chief Maureen Chapman stated: “As the economic importance of the Asia Pacific grows, B.C. First Nations face significant opportunities for economic development partnerships.” Continue reading

The Indigenous Factor of East Asian Engagement with the Canadian Arctic

In the Arctic, as elsewhere, there are multiple ways of understanding borders. These multiplicities of understanding shape the values, goals and subsequent policy-making initiatives of concerned parties. Focusing on any one set of borders will lead to different perspectives, analysis and ways of understanding the Arctic, which will invariably shape engagement strategies across borders. Continue reading